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Fuelled by the need to always serve YOU, our customer, to the best of our ability and provide products which are of the best quality, We at House of Hamilton always strive to ensure that YOU, our customer is served with the utmost respect that you deserve and are provided with quality products that will satisfy your every need. 

Our products are manufactured locally in the town of Ladysmith, Northern Kwa Zulu Natal from locally sourced and imported materials.  Our staff are all from the town and surrounding area and are well experienced in creating quality products for your enjoyment.  The House of Hamilton Team is able to cater for an individual seeking to add additional warmth to their home or a wholesale customer looking to add a quality product line to their business.

House of Hamilton is run with a strong culture of family and unity.  We do not see the business as just a business but rather a means to feed our families and uplift ourselves to do good in our community.  This stance translates into a passion and pride for the products we manufacture. 

We hope to always be there to serve YOU in the best way we can.  If you feel unsure about anything or need more information on anything please do not hesitate to call us.
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